It takes courage and desire to pull people through. Larry has a goal–and he’s making it happen–one day at a time. I admire your fortitude, Larry, and your honesty. Although the daily battle continues, I think you’ve won the war. My best wishes to you and thanks for sharing.

Brown-bear-female-and-its-children-play-with-a-ball-in-Kamchatka-Peninsula-Russia-8012761(previously published in Stigma Fighters)

It was over six years ago that I found myself in a psych ward, my long struggle with depression having come to a head. This wouldn’t be the last time, but there was always the desire to get better and that had made all the difference (sorry Mr. Frost). I went from years of being on Lithium to a new schedule of drugs: citalopram, latuda, lamictal and klonopin, trying to calm each point on my neurotransmitter highway (nice band name) with medication.
My official diagnosis was Bipolar II, but I didn’t think it was accurate. Here’s the thing: I felt like a failure as someone with bipolar. I’d heard all of these stories about folks with bipolar calling their spouse from a yak farm in Peru to explain an exciting new start up they’d invested in. Bipolar meant writing an opera in the morning…

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